Fizzy Vendor Clique

a ramune bottle with a small figurine of a slice lemon sitting next to it, it has pink lemonade inside. The label is pink with yellow text on it. The bead is shaped like a citrus slice a looping gif of a purple tinted can with a dark purple label with stars. white text reads 'stellar grape' in all caps. A shine gleams across the can a white can with a sky blue label, it has a symbol of a white line and a blue eye along the center a bottle with sky blue fizzing soda. It has a white cap and label. The label has a symbol of an eye with wings, outlined with a light grey-blue color, above the eye is a yellow halo a pink carton with a design of a green bloodshot eye with veins framing the bottom. Text above reads 'tears' in all caps a looping gif of a pink and mint green carton with an animated dripping liquid design. The spout has small text reading 'zeddy bear' in all caps. The body of the carton has very light green all-cap text reading 'bear milk'. The top of the carton has a small symbol of a bear with horns surrounded by two floating hearts
a looping gif of a clear ramune bottle with a pink label at the top with the text reading 'sick'. The clear label around the body of the bottle has a pink rounded rectangle with a pastel blue M in the center. Bubbles and pills float around in the light grey drink. a pink glass bottle of a green beverage. the label is a sticker of a strawberry with a crown with a pink jewel embeded on it. A red can with a symbol of an eye with a red circle around it. Coming out of the circle is five spiky protrusions at the bottom that are red and white. The label reads Rubedo A green plastic bottle with a green ghost on it. A cyan banner crosses over the ghost with the words reading Souls in all caps. A clear plastic bottle with a yellow cap and a pink beverage inside. The shiny pink label reads Sunkist
a decal of a purple bubbling ocean against an orange sky. Puffy clouds sit at the back of the shoreline. A small shrimp is in the ocean in a floaty.

How to join:

  • Use a template to make your drinks! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
    • Just make sure to keep the image dimensions!
  • Email me ( with a link to your files and site
    • optionally, add short flavor text to go with them
  • And then you'll just have to wait for me to add you (^w^) !

Feel free to put any of them on your site, just link back to the creator, templates can be used for personal sprites