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Welcome to Fizzsea !! The purple sea floor and a host for Inspiraler, a multimedia project about reapers trying to archive information about various versions of the world, and a bunch of other personal work. Climb around the coral, and please don't step on the urchins

Currently working on...

  • Finishing up Radio_Wishers' demo.
  • Taking part in a zine
  • Planning out more projects

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Recent Updates

  • 2024.05.27 Noire's page added
  • 2024.05.10 Snowdrop and Daisuke's pages added !
  • 2024.04.26 Nemesia's character page added
  • 2024.04.13 New fan art log added !
  • 2024.03.29 Updated the Radio_Wishers project page
  • 2024.03.27 Marinette and Ruriko's pages added!! + Character pages overhaul

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