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citrus playing at the arcade, the cabinet he's playing at has various stickers on the side from multiple game properties

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Welcome to Fizzsea !! The the purple sea floor and a host for Project Ashress, an ocverse about reapers trying to archive information about various versions of the world, and a bunch of other personal work. Climb around the coral, and please don't step on the urchins

Currently working on...

A visual novel with minor point and click sections about Goby and Pistol where they sail the sea to find Goby's home. (Project page coming in the future !!)

Recent Updates

  • 2023.06.01 Erina's page added !
  • 2023.05.13 New art log, new game diary entry, and some other tweaks
  • 2023.04.27 Art and layout updates
  • 2023.04.09 Mirabelle's page added
  • 2023.04.08 Game diary added!
  • 2023.04.07 Added a Q&A and updated the about page

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