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Citrus (ze/zir + he/him)

a pixel sprite of Citrus. ze is wearing a frilly dress with a square collar under a purple iridescent jacket

Just a 21 year old Filipino-Canadian shrimp who makes drawings, music, and trying to make games in RPG Maker, since pixel horror has inspired me a lot.

I like the ocean, flowers (my favorite ones are fuchsias and wisteria!), RPGs (mostly pixel ones) and cards. I speak English and French, and I'm studying Japanese and Tagalog

Specific game (series) favorites go to Yume Nikki, Live a Live, Final Fantasy, and Deltarune

This site is for compiling things I make into a neat space how I want ! Which will usually be my art and my original universe, the Ashress Project, because character building has always been my biggest hobby

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🦑 No reposting of my images and unless stated, all work on my site is my own !

sea bunny and dumbo octopus on the sea floor