The game contains blood, violence, death, mentions of suicide, body horror, glitchy imagery and sound, and 4th wall breaking elements.

This game doesn't contain any chases.

"This is a world where dreams, beliefs, and wishes transcend time and space."

A Yume Nikki styled game where you follow three amnesiacs trapped in a strange building. The only way these three can recover their memories are through finding them in their dream worlds, and have to work together in order to escape.

Spyros Martinez

A corpse who's deeply mistrusting and hides it behind a smile, but they just want to protect their daughter.

Adeola Martinez

An elegant reaper who knows more than they let on, the extremely determined type who acts on her own.

Jirair Sargsyan

A cocky human who seems more at home with the supernatural, remains stone faced even under pressure.

Game Info

Released: TBA
Engine: RPG Maker MV
Latest Version: 0.0 Link: TBA