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Witches and Familiars

Lizi: "Are you really sure you want me to help with this?"
Firouzeh: "It isn't THAT weird, right? Nemuko told me you're well acquainted with witches!"
Lizi: "Aren't you a witch? I think you've got plenty of info."
Aubergine: "You'll do fine. All you need to do is: talk into the voice recorder! Firouzeh and I will write everything down later."
Firouzeh: "Right! And Noire is bringing lunch."
Lizi: "... Let's get this over with. Quickly."

Witches are a variety of beings who have made contracts with associates and had their souls consummed in exchange for the ability to use magic. A descendant of a witch is called a witchspawn, and they inherit the witch's powers, usually it's weaker though.

The associates on the other hand, they're former souls who have built themselves new bodies using corpses and their surroundings, which gives them their powers. They need witches to amplify their powers. They reproduce after death, their kids being made from their insides. An easy way to kill them? A witch just has to revoke the pact.

While the associates don't seem to be collectively cooperating, some share a common goal: awakening a slumbering god within the planet. Witches, you're advised to ignore them.