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Once upon a time, there existed an ancient city of mages who survived the Cataclysm. Its name lost to time, humans named it the Fray. As the fruits of their research the mages learned a powerful spell, one to turn someone into a divine of wishes. Consummed by the potential of their power, the mages fought each other, until not a single one remained and the city had turned into nothing more than a legend.

Until one faithful day, a man began his search with a band of wanderers who followed him faithfully. Would they end up repeating the mistakes of the mages who had left behind their story?

A simple desire created by souls, powerful enough to create timelines. Mortals of World 1.5 have mistaken this power to be wielded by the divine alone, such as Wisteria, but it's a phenomenom wielded by even the smallest cell.

Wish magic are able to fulfill complete desire of the wisher, while raw wishes by souls create timelines based on if the person acted upon them. If many beings share the same desire, a wish truly can be granted without a divine.

Despite its effect on everyday life, many living beings are unaware of its validity; but regardless of it being true, the beauty of life is people have come to create practices around it such as prayer, or tossing coins into wells, and shooting stars.