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Greetings! Our main point of research as reapers are timelines! Which constantly diverge and converge. It's quite the lengthy conversation, so allow me to try to condense it as much as possible.

Number Models

Let us begin with the first point of reference, this has been written at 2034 R.B. (stands for ReBirth). We assign eras to major branching points of the timeline (above 1.0 in divergence). Currently, as far as Nemuko has informed us, the era before us is known as F.B., though the acronym is uknown. Alongside the eras, we utilize a solar calender. This is purely for categorization across multiple timelines. In Georgian calender times, we're at the year 3099 A.D.

Now, for the major model, the World Number System, used to name individual timelines. Currently, us reapers can travel in the numbers above 1, but below 3. Every decimal added represents the divergence, the closer the numbers, the earlier the timeline will converge. The numbers are certainly inaccurate, but we're sure that research in Aphaea's history can help us recalibrate them to fit the galaxy.

Major Timelines

  • World 0: this is only speculation, but this is where we imagine the timeline would be if the solar system did not exist.
  • World 1: Earth is here. It appears farther the decimal goes from 1, the longer it takes for humans to make contactwith alien life, oddly enough.
    • World 1.5: defined by the divine Wisteria's prescence, influencing human speed on space travel, reviving use of magick, and creating the anemophilans.
  • World 2: currently under investigation. The planet is called the Husk by the associates and witches living on it. Humans are brought from alternate worlds, and the only similarlities is this world also shares a Cranny. It may be a different planet.