We reapers have our own year system, purely for easy organization, as instructed by Nemuko. This era is known as Rebirth (RB) which started since the Cataclysm, and the previous one was known as FB. None of these weren't elaborated on. In the Common Era, 2030 RB is 3095 CE.

World Number Model

The number model is an organization tool to determine what timeline we are on. 0 is considered the original. A timeline splits off due to desires and choices, the most likely result continues the line while the less likely options branch off. The higher the number goes, the higher the difference from the original timeline and the later the timeline converges. A convergence is the result of a branching point being too similar.

Since we have access to Aphaea's history, there's still a lot of recalibration needed. But in the meantime, take a look at our current numbers!

Major Timelines

Number Description
0 Original timeline, home of the divine and nothingness.
1 Further research needed. According to Aphaean history, the inhabitants were sheltered underground due to a predicted meteor impact and by a narrow margin, they avoided collision in World 2.
2.1 The timeline where the Solar System exists. As of 1732 RB, the Aphaeans have arrived to Earth.
2.15 This timeline marks the appearance of the divine Wisteria and the creation of Idyll, and the success of the Larenta Space Station. No alien contact has been made yet.
2.2 A different planetary system known as the Lume System has a similar placement in the Milky Way as the Solar System. Its most inhabited planet is known as the Husk, immediately determined thanks to the different colored star and different star positions.

Some interesting facts earned from studying each timeline is that we learnt multiple planets contain a Cranny. Between numbers 2.1 to 2.2, the lower number determines when Earth makes contact with Aphaea.