It's us! We reapers are one of the many psychopomps who handle your souls. That's about all we know. The divine, Sithe kept our purpose a secret.


We're beings of will the living can't see freely, even when we're in our physical bodies; they'll forget us as soon as we're out of sight, just like a ghost. We can show ourselves if we wanted to!

We can blend in pretty well with the living, so look out for these:

Reaper Types

Name Description
1st Generation Reapers who work under Sithe who suddenly disappeared.
2nd Generation The group of reapers that has gathered after Sithe's disappearence.
Rogues Ones who work alone and do what they want.
Contractors They do work for the living, for a price.

Ashress Copal

Photograph taken by Reiner

Ashress copal is extracted from reaper bodies and a species of tree that only exists in our home. It's sensitive to sunlight, and has white bark, and red leafs.

The copal has a strong smell when snapped or burned -- it repulses ghosts and cleanses the living. It has a bunch of other uses too! They fuel for our powers. They're energy source for the timepieces that help us transport around different locations and time.

There's more! But who would I be to say it all? (>ᴗ•)