🐋 Guide


It's us!! No matter when one becomes a reaper, information on our creation is limited, as Sithe hadn't informed us on everything. Regardless, we all know our purpose is to fight ghosts and reap souls, though our god may have intended more.

We're beings of perserverance who exist in both the physical and incorporeal plains. Yet mortals can't see us most of the time, how could that be? The simple answer is our cloaks are imbued with magic to hide us from the living; the option is open for us to still interact with them if we want.

While we look identical to many living beings, there is some key factors to identify us:

  • Red eyes
  • Dark hair
  • Crystalized skeletons

  • The crystals -- or ashress copal -- let us activate our powers by resonating with other bodies of ashress. Some powers can differ from reaper to reaper, but consistently we can transport through worlds and open tiny pocket dimensions.

    There's a few categories we fall into:

    • 1st Generation: the reapers who have followed under Sithe, 2000 years ago, many of us disappeared, except for me.
    • 2nd Generation: a group who have been created since Sithe's disappearance.
    • Contractors: a unique type of reapers who have grouped together to perform services to the living for a price.
    • Rogues: as it sounds, reapers who do whatever they want on their own.

    There's more, but who would I be to give you everything? („> ᴗ •„)