Even phantasms are an anomoly to us Contractors, they are defiance to the world order itself.

Like a reaper and ghosts, they can't be seen normally, unless the phantasm is trying to interact directly with others. When they're out of sight, they slip from the viewer's memory. They cannot control this, unlike reapers. They also have physical bodies which can touch spirits and ghosts.

It's tragic to think they were simply normal people caught in ██████████. One day, as they continue to live, they will be erased without a trace, and ████ ██ █████ ██ ███ █████ ██ ███ ████.

I know 2nd Generation policies are far more relaxed than those of Sithe's. So I hope you'll try to make friends with these poor souls.


Sooo sorry.

I feel bad about erasing Sinagtala's work, even if it's just a tiiiny bit. But there's something I can't just reveal.

I don't think Zelophehad wanted it out and about either. He wouldn't let me mess around with the code. Just don't tell the rest of the reapers, okay?

Um. You're still here, huh? ... Well, if you still want something...

Why don't you come find me? Maybe I'll let you in on a little secret. Good luck!