🐋 Guide


It looks like Reiner and greengage wanted me to write a piece for this guide, thanks to my experience from my services. If you have any troubles with arranging burials, Sinagtala is at your service! I'm excited to help.

Even us Contractors follow the idea of the 3 categories for existence, so phantasms are also a surprise to us! To put it simply, they're beings that the world cannot decide if they're dead or alive. They are like a ghost, but with a living body. As such, they're affected by the same rules of perception, can touch physical objects, and they also have the ability to touch souls like us reapers.

The most tragic part of their existence is they're people attempting to defy death. In their journey to do so, the timelines will [ERROR], or they will simply be erased without a trace. But there are cases where they continue to live long lives and become aware of [ERROR].

I know little of 2nd generation reaper policies, but I hope you do well to make friends with them, they don't know which day is their last.


Sooo sorry, but I'm afraid it's a little too dangerous for that info to be out in the open. Too bad, I'm not good at editing these things. Don't tell the reapers, okay?

I've had lots and lots of experience with what happens when it gets mishandled. Maybe I'll let you in on a secret if you can find me!