※ Transcriptor: Noire

Recorded: RB ████/██/██

Firouzeh: Hey, Bullace. How nice of you to come!

Bullace: No problem, but... does he have to be here?

Noire: Got an issue?

Bullace: Nope. Nadda. L-let's get this over with. What are we talking about?

Firouzeh: Associates and witch's pacts.

Bullace: Aren't you a witch...?

Firouzeh: What's wrong with peer review? My contract wasn't exactly typical.

Bullace: Really now?

Firouzeh: If I made a pact with my familiar and let them take my soul, I would die. So, we played a game, if I won, I'd get all the benefits of a witch, if I lost, then they have a reaper soul to absorb.

Bullace: Hm. You're an interesting one, Firouzeh, right?

Firouzeh: The one and only!

Firouzeh: So how about we start with the questions now?

Bullace: Sure.

Question 1: How is a pact formed?

Bullace: That's simple. The parties sign a paper contract.

Firouzeh: Yep, yep. Have you ever signed one?

Bullace: Huh? Me?

Firouzeh: Yeah.

Bullace: I've seen one.

Firouzeh: That's all? I see.

Bullace: I didn't say I was an expert in this...

Question 2: How does either party benefit from the pact?

Bullace: The witch gets to use the associates' magic. The associate now has a witch soul to make themselves stronger.

Bullace: Witch's are a lot better at using the magic anyways.

Firouzeh: Oh, I didn't know that.

Bullace: Well, unless they're lucky or old, witches just have more blood.

Question 3: What are the terms of the pact?

Bullace: Do they ever differ that much?

Firouzeh: I think cases like mine are rare.

Bullace: Then let's just worry about the basics.

Bullace: The associate can only have 1 pact at a time.

Bullace: The witch keeps the contract.

Bullace: If the witch terminates the contract, the associate dies; they lose their magic and get their soul back.

Bullace: If the witch dies, the associate is free to make a new contract.

Firouzeh: I never understood why it was set up like that. The associates sure set up a lot of terms that work against themselves.

Bullace: Well, the associates have the winning side, if you ask me.

Firouzeh: Hm...?

Bullace: If... they could just do whatever they wanted, there wouldn't be any point in keeping their witches around. The witches need failsafes.

Bullace: And it's not that much of a downside when the associates' whole M.O. is that they're born from each other's corpses.

Firouzeh: That makes a lot of sense. I've learned a lot.

Question 4: How are the associates' powers determined?

Bullace: We're back to the low ball questions?

Noire: The guide's low entry.

Bullace: Oh, right. Got it.

Bullace: The associates use their environment to build parts of their body, and their magic adapts to the material. If they're strong enough, they'll carry over to the offspring.

Firouzeh: Yeah, that was an easy one. One more left, you're almost done.

Question 5: What are properties of either party that interest you the most?

Bullace: Hm. I still don't know why the smell of witch blood is so replusing. To them.

Firouzeh: I guess it just makes it easier to identify a body that doesn't have a soul.

Bullace: Maybe.

Firouzeh: Thanks for answering everything.

Bullace: Don't mention it. I'll be going now. Bye.

Firouzeh: Oh! They sure were in a hurry.