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A form of magic used by humans and fell out of use since the Cataclysm, with the Fray being the last known use by a population after the event. It has been widely believed that only the Fray who held this power, but thanks to ruins found in the Cranny, we learned it was used by the entire planet in Worlds 1 to 2, with many variations existing depending on the region.

Since the discontinuation, the Fray's variation of the magick has been adopted by the Anemophilans, and a small number of witches in the Husk. As such, it's the only variation we have a detailed record.

The basics of magick consist of:
  • A container, such as a magick circle, or a bottle.
  • Energy, may provided by sacrifices (flowers are most commonly used).
  • Incantation, the longer, the more powerful, it's not required for them to be words.
  • Intent, may be described with symbols, the effects of magick are affected by belief.

  • The Fray's variation utilizes magick triangles and arrow symbols, and they use runes to write incantations in. Through reading their material, combining magick with technology was quite common, but it was not as integrated into everyday life like the Anemophilans'. It was used to provide power and make materials, rather than also being used to influence machine movement and allow the machines to automate magic casting.