An interior of a planet that can only be accessed through magical means. It acts as inversed version of the surface world, with some preserved copies of ancient buildings.


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A large city on floating islands created by the divine Wisteria, and is heavily inhabited by the anemophilan. It can only be accessed through bronze mirrors that act as portals.

The Horizon

Celestial Locke

Also known as the Fray.

It was the last known standing city of the human mages until its collapse. It was maintained by an artificial intelligence.


Once well known for the Rubedo Family, it's the most modern human city that incoporates magick used by demons and the anemophilan.


An abandoned mining town that was turned into a quarantine for people who were infected with the wisterium illness.


A large city built on an artificial island with a largely nonhuman population, ruled by the government known as the Mainframe.

Saint Goldia

A large fishing town.

The Husk

Shell Clefts

Various zones throughout the planet where warpholes open to bring people and objects in from other planets and timelines. As a result, they're most filled with discarded items.

Zenith Castle

A walking castle built by the Metal Witch, Olivie, now a pile of rubble.