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Modes of Existence

Every living being requires them all, but they all fall under a category of which mode is needed for them most.

Type Description
Love Beings who stay alive by loving and being loved.
Will Beings who survive purely by wanting to.
Belief Beings who rely on others believing in their existence.


Souls are noted to exist in all things, even the inanimate. Having one allows a being to connect to themselves in alternate timelines and keeps a record of their memories in the living world.



Main article: Reapers

A type of psychopomp with crystalized skeletons and have a minor ability to transport around time.


Main article: Witch's Pact

Also known as Familiars. Round beings who use their surroundings to construct more elaborate bodies and stock up on magical power.


Main article: Anemophilan

Bug-like beings with triangular halos created in Idyll by Wisteria, who can take on humanoid forms.


A catchall term for undead beings who don't have a soul. Many of them tend to have stiff joints, or their body rot and fall apart. Though there's specialized types like vampires, who have powers or specific weaknesses.

Crawler Fungus

A fungus that grow bodies not properly eaten after death, they attempt to use the bodies to find other hosts to invade.


Horned beings who mainly live in the Cranny, they have tails and colorful bodies. They have unique or many appendages.


Powerful beings with many faces who are worshipped and transcend time.

Joker Cards

Main article: Joker Cards

A colorful species of aliens in the Virgo Supercluster who travel around space to make friends with other species. Their powers revolve around games they play and making the bets come true. Other beings can merge with them.


Souls who need to be guided to the afterlife. The amount of power they have determines their aggression and the amount of attempts they'll make to attack the living.


Main article: Phantasms

Beings who are stuck in a state between being alive and dead.


Beings who resemble animals and can transform into humanoid forms.


Being who take on many forms and also are the souls that inhabit objects. Sometimes considered to be weaker versions of the divine, or like ghosts but aren't inherently malevolent.


Main article: Witch's Pact

Living beings who made a pact with an associate to obtain magical power, usually in exchange for their soul.