A ritual language used by demons for their magick, has been passed along to human mages, and is a distant predecessor for Floriography.


Spoken by anemophilans and the first language of Idyll. It resembles a programming language with characters that are arrows. Names are given special characters and also use syllables not used anywhere else in the language.

A sample of Floriography.


Spoken in Vosie, created to be a common language for the citizens who have come from all over the world.

A sign written in Vositian.

Dealer's Tongue

A language originating in Aphaea, but is spoken in multiple parts of the Virgo Supercluster and has a complex web of dialects. It has 4 (sometimes 5) sounds and characters and words are written in blocks. Word order is dependent on emphasis, and the subject(s) is indicated with a suffix.

Sample of Aphaea's Dealer's Tongue.