... To think I wouldn't reach them on time.

No, I think that makes it sound like I was slightly late. It seems I've been behind for so long, crawling and cowering.

How pathetic. There's only one thing I can do to make up for all of this for now. There was a child starving and shivering in the rubble of the castle, and ready to die. But I'll be the one to care and protect them.


I have yet to find a working timepiece on this planet. Associates seem to attack any left out in the open.

It seems I'll be staying here much longer. Personally, I think it's lucky that I have my normal body again and that I can fend off the associates and ghosts.

I'll give up on looking for now, I need to focus on taking care of this child. They're sleeping right now, I wonder what meal I should make when they finally wake up again.


Their name is Yao... It seems it's the first time they've had regular food. They didn't recognize anything in the albondigas, but they ate it all up. So a note to me: make a list of all the tastiest food you can think of.

We're planning on spending the evening around a warm fire writing and drawing whatever since they lost interest in the few books we had, except for "The Tin Line". I wonder if one day he'll get a response from the other side of his own tin can phone.

2018/12/05 - Happy Birthday Yao

I was right to assume Yao wouldn't know anything about birthdays. I tried baking them a cake, but I've never really been good at this... I'm not even going to describe it because I'm not dealing with that embarrassment again.

I ended up going to the small village above us to buy one. It looked like he enjoyed it, but he said he likes it better when I'm cooking. They'd change their tune if they saw my attempt, hehe.


Yao's hair never grows evenly, even when I try to cut it straight. I've always wondered if it's because of the experiments done to him... I'm curious to know what happened, but I don't think that's exactly in their best interest for me to ask. I don't think it'll matter too much in the long run.

Speaking of him growing up... I suppose he's around the age where you start school, not that any exist in the Husk. There's also not any children in the village either, and he's wary around adults other than me. I hope I can find someone he can be friends with one day.


I've been forgetting to write here. I suppose there just hasn't been much to say when you've been living underground for years on end. But I've had an epiphany that I think needs recording.

I don't actually know what happened to Sithe. I'm not sure if there's been a blank in my memory, or what have you. I find it hard to believe he dropped dead, but I hope he did. The others might spit venom at me, but he deserves nothing. And I'll need to be able to get the rest of my powers back to make sure that's the case.


Lately, I've been hearing rumors of a certain "God Slayer". Though... as far as I'm aware. There's never been anyone close to that kind of prowess here. Perhaps that means other people have come here from another timeline. Some way or another.

I'm not exactly special, so I'm sure they have retained their powers too, so that explains a few things to me.

While I'd usually be up to playing their games, I have to put Yao's care first. It's a bit risky, but I should be stronger than them. Perhaps I can steal the copal from them? Avoid the long con in the process?


Yao told me something amazing today! Someone spoke on the other side of his tin can phone, so it looks like maintaining it was worth it. They had a small conversation, and she gave Yao a silk rose.

When I went to ask about the villagers about her, none of them seem to have any idea who I was talking about. I wonder where our mystery visitor came from.


I haven't found any gatherings that have stashed copal away. I think I might have to drop any ideas of taking it for myself.

While looking, I did end up thinking about Nemuko. It had never been one to follow Sithe exactly. I wonder if kit got out, or if kit's been dealing with all bullshit I have, or... maybe kit's been gone this whole time.

Maybe if I come face to face with the God Slayer, I'll ask him to find Sithe and cut him up for making us put up with any of this.

I wish the others saw it the way I did.