A species originating from Aphaea. They developed space travel and their culture revolves around the competition of games.

Their most defining features are a magic that correlates directly to game betting, and the ability to merge with others species at the cost of their own life to turn someone into a joker card.


They seem to purposefully have distinct looks, possibly to go along with their ability to merge with other living beings. Here's a list:

Planetary Information

The planet's atmosphere isn't actually breathable for humans and many species who originate from different planets. They live within domes that finetune the atmosphere to be compatible for the population.

Aphaean architecture has a preference towards taller buildings and geometrical designs.

It should be noted there are abandoned cities underground.


Games are incredibly important, so is little surprise tournaments are gigantic events. Though there is also some sports involving roller skating or motorcycle stunts. To go along with this are a form of acting where actors roleplay as characters and have extensive effects to have flashy matches.