🐋 Guide

The Joker Cards

An alien species from the planet called Aphaea, who've come to Earth in World 1. We're still researching their history and may lead us to expand our timeline data greatly, that's a topic for another time.

But a hypothesis: they're the only entry way for us to expand our research beyond satelite images on Earth.

The culture revolving around joker cards, is incredibly flexible, as they enjoy interacting and living with other species, but they do add their own personal touches and introduce a language called the Dealer's Tongue, which will be elaborated on. They enjoy naming each other with foods of the planet they come from.

The main defining aspect is they primarily resolve conflicts through games. One of the abilities of a joker card is bets made during these games must be complied to; the second is they can allow other species to became their host, modifying their biology.

They remain easily recognizable thanks to a few traits:

  • bright colors
  • colored sclera, with matching pupils
  • poisonous blood
  • facial marks: these indicate the joker card's favorite flavor
    • Circular: sweet
    • Rectangular: spicy
    • Triangular: sour
    • Pentagonal: bitter
    • Lines: plain

Now, for details on the Dealer's Tongue: there exists many variations due to its widespread use around the galaxy. It's spoken form contains 4, rarely 5, sounds: heart, diamond, spade, club, and wild. The Aphaea variant uses only 4. These sounds in written form are represented by pips, which are combined to a single character to represent a word. Words can be placed in any order of a sentence, depending on what the speaker wants to emphasize.