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Lifeform Index

As we've observed for Earth's view around the Milky Way, there are 3 major categories, and an outlier, that all living beings fall under: Love, Perserverance, and Belief. All living beings are affected by each property, but the category they are placed into are a nessecity for their existence.


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Summed in one word: mortals. They survive by being nurtured, whether it be by their family, friends, lovers, or by the divine. They are the one category that can't normally perceive souls or timelines.

Other examples in this cateogry include: demons, and witchspawns.


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This category characterized by reaching one of the following criteria: being undead, or lacking a soul. They exist simply by having the will to live.


This category consists of spirits and the divine. They're born out of fulfilling a wish for mortals, whether it be by giving them bountiful harvests, bringing advice, or being a scary bedtime story for parents to keep their children safe. In return, they're given offerings, or have rituals dedicated to them. If their existence is forgotten, they fade away.


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The strange outlier, who appear to be living beings who can't be perceived normally by mortals, and they have an increased awareness of other timelines.

Hypothesis: they require both love and a strong perserverance to continue existing.