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A tree species in the Reaper's Realm, it has bright red leafs, and white bark that's sensitive to sunlight. But the priority's the ashress copal inside, which is the same material as a reaper's skeleton.

Ashress's most important property is the strong smell created by burning or snapping it, which repulses ghosts, and cleanses the living. It helps the safety of a reaper from ghosts if they sustain serious injury. The copal's shaped into tools or replacement parts for reapers. The most known instrument are the giant timepieces scattered around many lands, which help facilitate transportation for reapers; the second most known are incense bundles. They're easy to carry and help with resonation and easy cleansing.

a photograph of Noire standing next to a large timepiece, it goes up to his chin. He's 142.2 cm, and is wearing 10 cm platform boots. in the background is a mountain range against a magenta sky with a faint white grid. the ground is 
		covered in mist.

Here's Noire for reference of the timepiece size. Also the rare chance to catch him smiling in a picture. :-)

Time and the life cycle are strongly interlinked, aren't they? I can only wonder if this could open our eyes to the truth of our creation and the fallen god, Sithe.