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This is an illogical world ruled by wishes and beliefs. But it's not without some consistency.

Written: RB 2030/10/10

What is Project Ashress?

Project Ashress was started to record data of this world and expand our horizons. The world is a bizarre place and requires a baseline of understanding across timelines.

This is compiled by all the reapers, and edited by Zelophehad Ghasabyan, Greengage Martinez, and Nemuko Kawakami. Thank you to all who have contributed.

What are the contents of this manual?

This is a starting guide for reapers and the Observer to familiarize themselves with basic concepts of our universe. If you have any inquiry, please refer to any books in the Archive or you may ask me any questions.

We are limited by Earthly knowledge, doing further research into Aphaea, and are prepared for the changes of the world on a whim. Please take our research with a grain of salt. Please be aware that some information may contradict reality or require updating.

- Best of luck,
Zelophehad Ghasabyan