🦐 About

Why a shrimp?

They're small and cute, just like me! Obvs

What's your favorite soda?

Cream soda and ginger ale

What do you use to draw?

Medibang/Fire Alpaca, Krita, MS Paint, and Aseprite for programs. I like using aggie.io with friends too!

I use a parblo display tablet for digital art

Do you ever plan on taking commissions or art trades?

For the time being, only in servers I hang out in. I'm not really confident in doing that kinda stuff so openly ^_^;;

Can I draw your ocs?

Yep and I'd really appreciate it! Keep anything sexually explicit private, and tag things appropriately if you post it publicly. Anything else you can send to me through email (fizzseaart@gmail.com), tumblr or cohost

Can I ask you anything about your ocs?

Yes, in the aforementioned social media. I might make a place on my site dedicated to it in the future, would that interest anyone??

Keep in mind, I might not answer if they're spoilers for my future games!

Can I use your art for pfps or social media banners?

Yep yep! You just gotta credit me, thank you <3