🦀 Marinette Princewell


August 15




180.9 cm


Retail worker

Treasured Posession

Lightning bolt bass

Favorite Food

Spicy shoyu ramen

Favorite Band

Funeral For Rams

A metal demon-human hybrid who works part-time at a clothing store, but her true passion lies as a hobbyist bassist who fronts a band. She just can't help but hum and dance whenever she lets her mind wander. Her divorced father is constantly worried about her livelihood, when she just wants to be given time.

Marinette hasn't always been the spunky and confident young woman she is today. She used to be a passive girl who called her hobbies guilty pleasures and had a difficult time opening up to others. But her friends' support has gone along way to help her grow closer to the person she wants to be.

Bursts into tears when she sees something cute.

Important Relations

beryl hiroto tsoghik roxanne lilimar

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