🦀 Pyrus Foenaria (any pronouns)

Under oath of the celestial court, you must vow to speak the truth, for none can hear your lies.

And you shall remain standing before Him until Judgement is declared.

The Divine Judge, Foenaria ruled over life and death of the immortals and the mortals. Crowned with horns and a halo, They sat on the throne of the universe. Measuring all existing things on Their scale, She showered those She sanctioned with love and wishes. He punished those He condemned by destroying them. But Their scythe will reap their souls all the same.

Eternal the divine may be, they can still "die", and Foenaria too has fallen. Their will awaits for the vessels to reunite and begin the cycle again.

Important Relations

Zelophehad Melia Myrtle

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