🦀 The Dream Witch, Erina Luno (ve/ver & she/her)

Erina is a girl with brown skin and dark brown hair, some of her hair is greying. All her silk clothes are pink with coral pink accents and yellow bows. She wears a frilly night cap with a larger brim that is decorated with bows and small plush toys resembling sheep moths. Her top goes to her legs, and has a lace window above her chest around her shoulders. She wears pantalettes that go to her knees. She's wearing coral pink socks. She wields a plush toy and a moth with a plush dangling off of it. She's accompanied by a sheepmoth who is a creature with a dark brown face with beady yellow eyes and brown antennae. Its brown legs are stubby and round. It has a fluffy yellow mane, and a woolen pink and yellow body with brown stipes. Its fur has a knitting-like texture.

A mute witch who can cast people into a deep sleep and also temporarily manifest dreams into reality--a power on par with the divine. But the image doesn't line up with the real Erina: an exhausted person who just wants to laze around, but has been cursed by ver own familiar into sleeplessness.

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