🦑 Art

June 2023 - ?

a teal doodle with halftone shading of Jirair holding his hand out to the viewer a sketch of Paro about to chomp down on Erina's head a doodle of meltem and noire in sonic and shadow costumes respectively a colored sketch of Kelseyana and Dawn in bee and bear costumes respectively, Kelseyana is furrowing her brows sketch of Chrysanthemum snapping a picture of Dawn in his bear costume, Zelophehad stands behind zir with happy eyes A portrait of Myrtle surrounded by Zelophehad and Melia who are stylized as the angel and devil on the shoulder. Melia is whispering into Myrtle's ear a digital sketch of a loaf of bread with mirabelle's face a sketch of Goby and Pistol in Indian and Filipino clothing respectively. They're standing stiffly A doodle of Keahi and Mirabelle standing next to each other, Keahi has a strained smile while holding a camera. The speech bubble next to them reads 'what's with the stiff poses? loosen up a bit. and smile, pistol' A sketch of Melia laughing and holding a giant flail. Only parts colored in are red A doodle on a light blue background of Tsoghik and Marinette wearing modified versions of each other's outfits. Tsoghik wears a blue sweatshirt with rolled up sleeps, a pants split with a light blue tartan leg, and a dark blue leg. There's chains attached to the pants loop. Marinette is wearing an oversized shirt with green paint stains, neon orange sorts, and black tights, and a black and white bag. Blue halftone sketch of Nemesia, Koman, Candi, Bonnie, and Mash posing for a picture Red and purple halftone sketch of Adeola and Jirair dressed up as demons A cold grey drawing of Zelophehad sitting on a rectangular prism