🦑 Art

January 2023 - May 2023

a purple sketch with halftone shading of Myrtle a blocky doodle of a bird's eye view of a coastal city in front of a blue sky with a white grid. a colored sketch of a chibi Amira a blocky doodle on a bright teal background of Roxanne being seen from above. next to them is hand written text reading 'Jan 25 happy birthday Roxanne!' a colored sketch on a brown-grey background of Melia carrying Yao. Melia is wearing a torn white dress with blood dripping down her face as she grins. Yao is wearing a black shirt and pants, his hands cover his mouth as he cowers close to Melia. around them are black spikes. a redraw of the 'i see no difference love is love' four panel meme, all text is in impact font. first panel is of jirair and ruriko with the caption 'regular couple'. the second panel is spyros and reiner with the caption 'yaoi couple'. the third panel is yao and adeola with the caption 'yuri couple'. the final panel is leia doing a thumbs up with the captions 'i see no difference' and 'love is love'. a transparent png of a lineless drawing of Adeola in a mint green dress with black ruffles and frills and her hair tied in a ponytail. their clothes are covered in pink and red roses. her hands are splayed out and has her left arm raised. she's backed by a red doily. a lineless drawing of Melia wearing special effects makeup with a fake axe in her head. Fake blood drips down her face a lineless drawing of Nemuko as a black cat furry against a red scribbly background. It's holding a hammer behind its back and raising their other paw to its face A digital sketch of Greengage looking away from Adeola with a sweat drop on her cheek. Adeola is beaming and holding a notebook with glittery eyes, a radial light is emitting from her. Digital drawing of Jirair on a sky blue background, wearing a crop top hoodie and holding his radio phone. He's glancing to the side with line effects to indicate him being surprised. MS Paint sketch of Zora, Tal, and Dawn standing side by side Adeola in a mint green jumper skirt with a black blouse. She is wearing a big mint green bow on her head. Her cheek is resting in her hand as she smiles towards the viewer. The background is pink with hatching in different shades. Text next to Adeola's head reads 'Happy Birthday, Adeola 04.04' A doodle of half bodies of Daisuke and Innes. Daisuke is leaning against Innes's shoulder with a dead pan face. Innes is grinning. They're both holding up peace signs. A doodle on a transparent background of Mirabelle holding Windchime on her arm. She's wearing a low cut baby blue dress with a pastel pink bust. Thin pink straps cross the front of her shoulders. Her petticoat is pink. She's wearing dark blue stockings and baby blue heels with crossing pink straps. a sketch of pistol wearing a tank top, and holding a fishing rod and garbage bag. The fishing rod uses a magnet instead of a hook. An open can is stuck to the magnet a sketch of goby wearing a sailor dress with a layered frilly skirt bust doodles of Windchime and Mirabelle wearing a crab and jellyfish hats with googly eyes a colored sketch of Dawn in with a big star shaped hat, and a dark purple dress with translucent shear skirt and collar. The skirt has purple stars. a colorless doodle of Jirair staring at Ruriko lovingly as she talks a lot a doodle of Erina riding the back of a sheepmoth, ve