🦑 Art

October 2022 - December 2022

a sketch of Meltem holding onto her sea shell witch hat by the brim. She's wearing a jumper skirt made out of water. blocky drawing of Mirabelle reach her hand out as a swarm of jellyfish fly out. Windchime is standing on her arm. a sketch of Dawn, Kelseyana, and Zelophehad sitting at a table, and just finished eating. Dawn tells Zelophehad that Kelseyana failed her scribe license exam. Kelseyana interjects with a 'hey' in all caps. While Zelophehad confusingly questions himself 'You need a license to write??' a drawing Daisuke using chalk to draw flowers on the sidewalk. a blocky doodle of Wisteria sitting. a sketch of Nil kneeling. a doodle of Rinu speaking into a megaphone. Jirair playing a video game while Daisuke sits in his lap. Text pointing at Daisuke reads 'Needed help fighting a boss'. Spyros and Adeola have a tea party. A plush toy of an axolotl with a crown and cape sits in one of the chairs. Reiner is peaking from the door way, smiling. Jirair and Rinu are standing back to back, Rinu upside down. Their hair swirls together into a spiral. A drawing meme where the characters draw themselves of Spyros, Adeola, and Jirair. Spyros has a simple chibi style. Adeola has a style with hatching shading. Jirair has a messy and low detail style. a redraw of the divorce selfie meme with Ipomoea holding the camera. Belladonna is behind the desk, organizing a stack of papers and smiling at the camera. Hydrangea is peeking over Ipomoea's shoulder, angrily. a doodle of a grey crane and a purple starling on its back, speaking bubbles indicate them as GARDENIA and Wisteria respectively. an ms paint doodle of a shocked Noire with an angry face. ms paint sketch of Nemuko leaning over a table. a half body doodle of Yao who is turned towards the camera. He's holding up his arm, where his tail is wrapped around it. a blocky doodle of Zelophehad is casual and frilly clothes, he's surrounded by magpies. a collection of doodles in different styles of Seire, Ib, Yao, Oleander, Adeola, Nemuko, and Bullace a collection of doodles consisting of Nixe, Elesa from Pokemon, Kelseyana, and Kirby