🦑 Art

June 2022

an ms paint drawing of Goby and Pistol in their animal forms. A heart is between them. A scribbly ms paint doodle of Thalassa. An ms paint doodle of Tsoghik wearing cat ears and sitting in a box. an ms paint doodle of Lilimar holding a cat. a scribbly ms paint doodle where the viewer is looking upwards towards Roxanne A sketch of Spyros surrounded by robots that resemble Jirair and Adeola. Leia stands in the back, head peaking out from behind Spyros. Adeola in an outfit that resembles Madotsuki's from Yume Nikki. The differences being the lace details and the colors that use Adeola's outfit palette. She's holding her parasol and winking. a doodle of Nixe being greeted by Thalassa. a drawing of a younger Medley.
an ms paint sketch of Medley who has her hands folded in front of her.
a sketch Ipomoea who is standing in front of Belladonna making a peace sign and a cowering Medley. an ms paint doodle of Lanata with text to the left that reads 'Younger Lanata actually wearing their work clothes'. a sketch of Wisteria dangling a bunch of wisteria flowers. an ms paint doodle of Mer. a sketch of Zelophehad sitting in front of a tombstone with a shadow covering his face. a brown sketch of Pitahaya and Lychee leaning in and glaring at each other.