🦑 Art

a collection of MS Paint doodles of Cube and Citrus drawn as Cube; Oboro crawling up to a mouse; Matsu, Taroimo, and Akira working at the taiyaki stand; and Bel carrying a dead ODIO with one arm a collection of MS Paint doodles consisting of Lei sitting; Akira sleeping on the bench with the Archon's Roost in the distance; Oersted kneeling at the top of Archon's roost, he's saying 'demon, then! renouncing former ties and titles'. next to him is a shrimp saying 'hey now, dont' an illustration of the cycle continues ending, Oersted lies on the ground dead, Oboro stands at a slight distance, and Lei stands the closest to the viewer, about to turn and leave
MS Paint doodle of Streibough calling Oersted a selfish beast, Oersted is confused, but is also visibly carrying a hoard of weapons
a panelless comic drawn in MS Paint of Oersted asking 'what do you have that i don't?' In response, Akira sticks out his middle finger and says 'your mom'. Oersted explodes
a panelless comic drawn in MS Paint of Cube serving coffee to Lei, Sundown, and Oboro. Sundown is the only one who likes the coffee a colored sketch of Flowey from Undertale and Oersted from Live A Live side by side. Flowey has a creepy smile, while Oersted's head is tilted down a shadow covering his face.