🦑 Art

July 2022 - October 2022

a colored sketch of Kelseyana and Chrysanthemum in their shrine keeper outfits. They're both tense, and Kelseyana is visibly trembling. heads of Zelophehad, Reiner, Nemuko, and Bullace next to each other with text below them. Zelophehad's reads 'got his identity stolen'. Reiner's reads 'accidentally stole a dead person's identity'. Nemuko and Bullace share one that reads 'purposefully stole dead people's identities'. sketches of Chrysanthemum with different expressions and angles. sketches of Pachypoda with different expressions and angles. a sketch of Erina where ve faces the viewer and has vir head titled to the side.
a transparent drawing of a Citrus plush. an illustration of Jirair sitting in a bedroom next to a mirror. On the mirror, someone on the other side is drawing a spiral with their finger. a sketch of Chrysanthemum hunched over and blushing, while Lanata stares at them wide eyed from behind while holding a large chrysanthemum flower. a half body of the Ribcage Witch's head turned to the side, Kardia is peeking from inside their rib cage. a sketch of Melia with a hand on her hip. a sketch of the Ribcage Witch being held by Melia as she speaks to them. a green sketch of Rinu playing a guitar that has a small monitor instead of its original body. A redraw of the 'Did you win or lose' scene from Two Fathers in comic form. In the first panel, Ruriko is answering a phone with the subtitle 'Got into a fight?' The second panel has her running into a school with Rinu sitting with school staff with the subtitle 'Rinu! Rinu'. The final panel, Ruriko is kneeling in front of Rinu with her hands on his shoulders. The subtitles read 'Did you win or lose?' a sketch of Ruriko hugging junior high aged Rinu and elementary school aged Daisuke. Various sketches of Ruriko with different expressions and angles. Colored sketch of Ruriko and Jirair hugging. A sketch of Zora being hugged by Roxanne. Colored sketch of Thalassa annoying Hesperos. a relationship chart between Kelseyana, Freesia, Lanata, and Chrysanthemum. Kelseyana's relationships read (to Lanata) 'Idolizes', (to Freesia) 'Friends, respects', (to Chrysanthemum) 'Wants approval from'. Freesia's relations read (to Kelseyana) 'Friendly co-worker', (to Chrysanthemum) 'Friends??'. Lanata's relations are (to Kelseyana) 'Former teacher', (Chrysanthemum) 'rocky friendship'. Chrysanthemum's relations are (to Kelseyana) 'Care about, doesn't understand', (to Freesia) 'Friends', (to Lanata) 'has a crush on, trying to isolate from'. Lanata and Freesia has a line with arrows pointing to them that curves to a heart in the middle. a drawing of four pairs of eyes of Lanata, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, and Kelseyana.