🦑 Art

April 2022 - June 2022

a transparent drawing of Forrest hugging themselves, their eyes are closed and they're frowning. Chrysanthemum stares at Forrest, GARDENIA, and Sherardia with squinted eyes. Ze's thinking 'There's three of them' Spyros stands close to the viewer, gasping with a smile at a Fumo doll of Adeola. a doodle of Belladonna waving towards the viewer. a drawing of Hydrangea crying over an alter with a Wisteria statue. He's shouting 'I'm sorryyyy I couldn't avenge you!!!!' in all caps. Belladonna is standing at the back asking her to leave. a halfbody of Chao holding a drum stick. a doodle of Melia pinching her right hand's index and thumb together and looking to the left. A cat face of Nemuko is drawn on the left. a drawing of a frog, a butterfly, and a snake. there are speech bubble correlating the animals as roxanne, reiner, and rinu. a half body doodle of Roxanne wearing a bright yellow sweater and a matching headband that resembles a frog a panel-less comic of Biyaya handing Zelophehad a note addressed to him. Opening the note reveals the message 'Sorry for killing you'. Zelophehad smiles baffled in silence.
an MS Paint doodle of a sleeping shrimp
a colored sketch of Lucia various concept doodles of Sinagtala's updated design. a drawing of Dawn standing happily in front of Kelseyana in her bee form. a desaturated purple sketch with halftone shading of Ruriko and Chell as junior high students.