🦑 Art

December 2021 - March 2022

A blocky doodle of Kelseyana standing a chibi sketch of Annmarie using her right hand to imitate a hand puppet. Bubble letters next to her reads 'Blah Blah Blah' A blocky doodle of Ruriko laying on a giant magnolia flower. a sketch of Bullace using a hand puppet of themselves to kiss Greengage on the cheek. a drawing where the viewer is looking from above of Firouzeh. She's holding her witch hat in her left hand. a greyscale sketch of Noire sitting in the Archive, surrounded by bookshelves. He is holding a book with the title 'Parenting 101' and taking notes. in the background, Zelophehad is passing between bookshelves, with his back turned. an orange sketch with halftone shading of a young Orange holding a baby Grapefruit. A chibi sketch of Jirair and Ruriko hugging, Ruriko has her tail coiled around him. a drawing of Zelophehad holding Hydrangea by the hood inches off the ground. Hydrangea is hunched over while Zelophehad is smirking at her. a drawing of Roxanne with a paper texture overlayed on top of them. They're backed with geometric shapes, a gride, and smiling emoticons. a drawing of Oleander sitting down. Beams of light are shining from his triangular halo. A half body digital drawing of the ribcage witch in a black turtle neck, a chain harness that resembles a rib cage, and she's wearing a skull over their hairbun a full body doodle of Adeola against a green background. She's looking to the left. a sketch of Jirair holding his hand by the brim as he grins towards the viewer. a half body sketch with greyscale colors and red of Noire.