Dream Geyser
(July 2020)
(Dec 2020)


Yellow Ribbon
(Feb 2021)
The Forest, The Garden, And Buried Under The Flower Bed
(Mar 2021)
Empty Space
(Oct 2021)

Cherry Blossom Path
(Nov 2021)

“I wanted to capture that moment: you who looked as though you’d be swept away like the cherry blossoms. ‘Can I take a picture of you? You don’t have to look at the camera if you don’t want to.’

But to my surprise, you turned around and gave me the first smile since that night.

The world felt whole again.”
Fruit Of Immortality
(Nov 2021)
(Dec 2021)


At A Droopy Sea
(Jan 2022)
(May 2022)
Window Watching
(May 2022)
Sea Drift
(Jun 2022)
(Jun 2022)
One Layer
(Sept 2022)
(Oct 2022)
Happy Halloween
(Oct 2022)


Peeking Red Eye
(Jan 2023)
Poker Chip
(Feb 2023)
(May 2023)
"I called out for help, and nobody answered. Nobody answered. Not even me."
Suited Up
(Sept 2023)